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For those businesses who want to learn how to successfully use social media to grow their business, my practical social media training workshops will provide you with the tools and knowledge to execute an effective social media strategy.

I provide one-to-one, face-to-face bespoke social media workshops that will inspire and empower you to manage your own social media channels effectively. I spend time prior to the session researching your business, your audience and will come prepared with heaps of practical tips that will get your social media strategy off the ground.

I am regularly asked to speak at networking events and business seminars on social media, as it is proving to be such a popular and cost effective digital channel to reach new audiences.

Want to get your social media strategy off the ground yourself? Are you hosting an event that you would like me to speak at? Contact me for a no obligation chat.

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The anatomy of the perfect landing page

Landing pages are made up of clearly definable elements, that when crafted properly can achieve high performing conversion rates for your business. But before I talk about what exactly a landing page should include, let’s clarify exactly what it is: A landing page is a web page which serves as the entry point for a website…


How to determine the success of your Facebook page

Most business owners have been exposed to the many reasons why having a Facebook business page is a good idea. But many aren’t aware that a Facebook page comes with a free, analytics tool provided by Facebook that helps you understand more about your Facebook Page’s posts and fans.